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What war in Ukraine looks like for The Bible Today

Is the Bible still relevant for the people of Ukraine today? Our ministry partners at The Bible Today in Ukraine respond with a resounding, “Yes!”

They’ve begun a new series, “War: Truth Unsimplified”, where they invite people of faith to share about their real life experiences of the war and also to explore some of the very difficult and painful questions that people have always asked when times are hard.

  • What purpose can this war possibly serve?

  • Why does God allow these kinds of things to happen?

  • Where is God when…?

  • What is the church doing to help?

“We are trying to give voice to these new questions,” explains the opening scene of the latest video, “and think them through together.”


The Bible Today Studio, led by Natalia Chernomor, is in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine. Some of this region is now occupied, and other parts are being heavily shelled. Since the war began, Natalia and her team have been bringing in and distributing humanitarian aid, and helping to evacuate civilians on the move.

At this time, there are 7,500 refugees in their small city of Zhovti Vody (normal population of less than 45,000). Natalia and her team are focusing on the most vulnerable among them: single mothers, pregnant women, and people with disabilities.

And children. This summer, they partnered with a local church to run a day camp for children in a city park. Hundreds of children attended every day. Parents were so grateful to see their children happy again.

“For our children, after the horrors they experienced. This is a return to normal life.” “It is happiness for me to see my child happy.” “We wondered where God was, but now we see his concern for us.” “Thank you for giving us a Children's Bible. We are all reading it together.”

Says Natalia, “We thank you for your prayers, and for the funding that makes all this possible. We send you a huge thank you that comes directly from all of these people.”


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