Additional Resources

Square One World Media has produced a wide variety of Christ-centred programming over the years.
Some of these ministries and programs are no longer actively producing new media, however we would like to make
these resources available for you to use and learn from.

Beautiful Unique Girl

Online video webisodes for teen
girls teaching them about their identity
in Christ. Curriculum also available to pair with the videos.

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The New Eve

Video series designed to cut right to the heart of difficult issues faced by young Arabic-speaking women, wherever in the world they live.

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Light of the Gospel

Low German radio program, hosted by Jacob Funk, offering Bible teaching
and spiritual nurture with a distinct
family focus.

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Micah's Super Vlog

English language cartoon for children that teaches Christian values through topics such as loving your enemies, forgiveness and friendship.

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Health Talks w/ Nurse Irene

Low German radio program, hosted by Irene Marsch, focusing on health and wellness topics such as pregnancy, heart & stroke, vaccines and parasites.

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Micah's Super Vlog Chapter Books

Published in partnership with Minno Press & Hachette Book Group, chapter books for kids build on the popularity of the Micah’s Super Vlog cartoons to share the love of Jesus with families through reading.

Low German Resources

Square One provides a variety of additional resources for Low German speaking people, including print materials, books, audio files and Low German bibles.