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First Episodes of A Good Life Go Public on YouTube

The first episode of Een scheenet Läwen (A Good Life) went public on YouTube on June 3, 2021, with one new episode releasing every Thursday. Gladys Rempel, the host and speaker on the new program, knows it’s always hard to measure the success of any ministry by statistics. Low German-speaking women tend to be shy about leaving comments, but Gladys is thrilled by the number of views and subscriptions.

When viewers do contact her, one common question they have is about what they should do when their husbands are unfaithful. One woman left her husband when she found out he was cheating on her… again. Now she and her children live in a small house without financial support and she wants to know if she should consider her legal options. This is not an easy question for women in conservative communities who are taught that it is not biblical to appeal to the law for support, even in cases infidelity. Pray for wisdom for Gladys as she guides women towards the truly good life. She says,

“My desire is to point women to God who will ultimately be THE Answer to all their confusion and pain.”

In addition to views on YouTube, De Brigj, a radio station in Aylmer, Ontario, will soon be airing the programs. Other stations in Alberta, Mexico, Belize, Paraguay, Bolivia and Germany have also shown interest.

Click here to watch the first episode of Een scheenet Läwen:

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