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For an Afghan Audience: the Living Word on Facebook Live

In April, while he was working from home because of the pandemic, Shoaib Ebadi (Executive Director at Square One) began producing a 15-minute Inspirational Message Live on Facebook from his living room in Canada. Born in Afghanistan, Shoaib speaks to fellow Afghans and Persians in their native language.

More than 99% of people living in Afghanistan are Muslim. Shoaib shares Jesus Christ with his fellow Afghans because he knows from personal experience that the Gospel is powerful to meet the needs and longings that often go unspoken.

Even though he’s no longer working from home, Shoaib has continued with the weekly Tuesday morning Facebook Live show. He says, “most of the comments I get through Facebook Live are negative, and usually they are swearing at me for sharing the Gospel.” Even so, Shoaib says, “I do enjoy sharing the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.”

Viewers may be angry, but they are watching.

Since 2010, Shoaib has been producing a weekly television program, Raze Zindagi (Secret of Life) at Square One, in partnership with Operation Mobilization. Recently, 2 weeks in a row, Shoaib was able to lead a caller to the Lord live on Raze Zindagi. Praise God for this privilege!