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Micah’s Super Vlog Releases New “Mailbag Videos”

Kids all over the world are watching Micah’s Super Vlog. They love what they see and can hardly wait for more. Lydia is 5 and lives in the United States. She writes (perhaps with help from her mom), “Me and my twin brother AJ love Micah’s Super Vlog and are always so excited when a new episode comes out. May God Bless you.” Meanwhile, Selene from Mexico writes, “We love your show!” And 10-year-old Micah says, “Hello, fellow Micah. We live in New Zealand and love watching your funny and cool videos.”

We get a lot of fan mail from families. Many kids also ask questions when they write. Some questions are funny, like this one from 7-year-old Presley, USA: “Would you rather sit under a lamp for a hour or lock yourself in your locker?” Or this one from 8-year-old Zac, also from the USA: “Would you rather be a banana or a watermelon?”

Some of the questions are more thought-provoking. Like this one, from 10-year-old Connor: “What is your favourite piece of the Armor of God?” Jill writes in Australia: “Who is your favourite disciple, and why?” 12-year-old Sean from the USA. asks, “How do you show love to those who hate you?” Israel Grace, 7, from Ghana reminds us, “It says in the BIBLE to love your enimy!”

Because so many of the questions are addressed directly to the cartoon characters, the show’s creator Girish Manuel thought it would be fun to let Micah and his friends answer them through a series of “Mailbag Videos”. As Micah himself explains in the opening scene, “… Where I answer the question you guys have sent in.”

Using the great humour and solid biblical teaching that Micah’s Super Vlog is known for, six “Mailbag Videos” were created in 2020. Each one tackles both silly and serious questions. And each one features some of the artwork kids draw and send in. Families are more eager than ever to watch the cartoons when they hear their questions or see their drawings in the videos.

We look forward to creating even more cartoons in the coming year. Not just to entertain, but to teach children from as young an age as possible that Jesus loves them. “Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it” (Proverbs 22:6, NLT)