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Our library of Low German music goes south for the winter

Dan Klaue, former technical producer at Square One from 2000 to 2010, recently accepted a position as the Director of Radio Mensajero in Tres Palmos, Paraguay. Before leaving Winnipeg, he compiled a library of our Low German music to take with him on his new assignment.

Dan explains that the community living at Tres Palmos was started by people who committed their lives to the Lord after hearing the Gospel on the radio – both in Spanish and Low German. For them, it’s a natural choice to keep sharing the Gospel with others through the radio.

Radio Mensajero in Tres Palmos has been a longtime broadcaster of our Spanish and Low German programs. Now they will have quick and easy access to air all of our archived Low German music as well.

Dan Klaue visited Square One in September as part of our 75th anniversary series of on-camera interviews. Shown here in Studio B (sound recording studio) where he recorded and produced programs for many years in a variety of languages - including Spanish and Low German.