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Sharing the Gospel Around a Cup of Coffee

Our ministry team at The Bible Today in Zhovti Vody, Ukraine is led by Natalia Chernomor. Two of her children, Andrey and Yulia, produce images and videos for The Bible Today’s popular social media sites.

Andrey and Yulia wanted a place where people could gather and feel like family, so they opened a coffee roastery and café called Sibs Coffee. The Chernomor siblings thrive in the world of social media: they use their coffee shop’s online platforms to both grow their business and to direct customers to The Bible Today’s Christ-centred social media sites.

“Coffee has always been easy to gather people around. Sibs Coffee is all about people and quality coffee that we all love. We want to build memories and share stories!” say Yulia and Andrey.

Andrey makes a point of connecting with the customers. He invited Sergey, a paramedic who is a regular at Sibs Coffee, to speak about first aid at one of the café’s community events. A few days later, Sergey said, “I was on duty last night, scrolling through Instagram videos when I recognized Andrey’s voice. At first I was just amazed to know someone on a professional video. Then I was drawn in by the words. Luckily for me, there were no calls for a few hours and I was able to watch all of Andrey’s videos.” Since then, Sergey has been going to church, talking with Andrey about matters of faith, and open to the work of God in his life.

An outdoor community event at Sibs Coffee. The café and roastery business is not a Square One project, but our partners at The Bible Today in Zhovti Vody, Ukraine use it to engage with their local community: to form relationships and to grow their social media following. All so they can draw people into relationship with Jesus Christ.