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Shining God's Grace

Our focus at Square One has always been to use media to shine the Light of God’s Grace in a hurting world. And 2020 was the year that media came into its own:

When it looked like the whole world was shutting down, media became THE way to connect.

In fact, when we consider what happened in 2020, we can see that God has been lighting our path all along. This year, in greater numbers than ever before, people turned to television, radio and online sources for information, comfort and guidance.

And we were already there.

Our social media presence was already strong. In 2020, God used our media platforms to share the Good News with our followers when more traditional methods were unavailable.

Jonatan writes to Encuentro on Facebook: “Thank God that I found this page where you helped me reconcile with my Heavenly Father. I was tired of the emptiness that was in my heart. Now I want to live a full life in God.”

Our video programs were already available on TV, YouTube, streaming services, and social media. So many people are watching now, and interacting in ways they never have before.

Many adolescent kids start conversations on the Ella’s Backyard YouTube channel. They say, “I trust Wikipedia / the occult / rap music… I don’t believe in Jesus, but I like to watch your show.” We are thankful to shine the light of Jesus for kids who don’t know where to turn.

In hindsight, we also see how God brought clarity into the confusion and helped us keep sharing the Good News through new opportunities:

We presented God’s Word: as guests on radio stations, through videos on social media, and by video sermons for churches’ online services.

We shared the Gospel: on Facebook Live when in isolation, with borrowed equipment when stranded in a distant city, and through interactive platforms like Zoom when collaborating from a distance.

We focused on our audience: relating by phone, WhatsApp or video calling.

We don’t know what 2021 will bring, but we do know that we want to keep shining the Light of God’s Grace for a world in crisis. But we need your help.

Can you see your way clear to giving a year-end donation?

Your gift of $100, $200, or more will help us to finish this year in a strong position so that we can envision great new opportunities for 2021.

As we reflect on the past year, we see that our vision stayed intact: to share the Gospel with as many people as possible across generations, genres, and geography.

Measured from that point of view, 2020 was the year of perfect vision.

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