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The Bible Today-Ukraine Produces Attention-Grabbing Social Media Content

“Videos are statistically proven to be the most engaging type of post on social media,” says Matt, Square One World Media’s Communications and Marketing Coordinator.

That’s why our ministry partners at The Bible Today studio in Ukraine began posting short videos on their popular Instagram page.

Videographer Vlad Prihodko (left) on location with Andrei Chernomor (center) and volunteer Nastya Lyashenko (right).

And the response has been fantastic! The video entitled “Jesus is Not a Religion” had 14,000 views in one day! With plenty of positive feedback.

Olena comments on Instagram: “I kept wondering why Christianity is so distorted. People just follow the rules, or they make money from it. I watched this video, and now I know there is religion… and then there is a true faith and life with God.”

Inessa, a non-Christian, reposts the video on her own page. She writes: “If you want to talk about faith and religion, here is my answer. Just watch this video!”

“Our partners at The Bible Today have really perfected the ‘Instagram aesthetic’,” adds Matt. “The way they edit is intense and fast-paced… the style young people are drawn to.”

And that’s the point! Millennials and Gen Zs are inundated with messages and images from worldly sources.

Why not take the tool the world offers and use it to share the Gospel message?

Natalia Chernomor of The Bible Today explains why their style is so effective for post-Soviet young people: “The theatrical, dramatic style reflects their dissatisfaction, their search for meaning, and their desperation for a different way.”

“We speak their language to invite them to a living relationship with God,” she adds.

The Bible Today is a family based ministry with a strong connection to the local church. This is a real strength. Natalia and her husband Nikolai have been producing Christian media for 25 years, and the next generation is passionate about continuing the ministry.

Siblings Andrei, Julia and Maxim are the driving force behind the social media ministry. They have the full benefit of their parents’ expertise, connections, and encouragement. And they know exactly how to share Jesus with their own generation.

But they need your help.

Please consider making a donation today. Know that your gift of $50, $100, $250, or whatever God puts on your heart to give means that Andrei, Julia and Maxim to can keep on producing attention-grabbing social media content.

As Andrei says in the video, Jesus is not a Religion, “Religion requires ‘do’; Jesus declares ‘done’.”

May you know the living truth!