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The Bible Today-Ukraine tells young people, “Whatever the question, Jesus is the answer!”

Andrey of The Bible Today shares the message from Zhovti Vody, Ukraine that whatever the question, Jesus is the answer.

Not all young adults in Ukraine think seriously about following God, but they do think seriously about not repeating the mistakes they saw earlier generations make. For these young people, the Bible Today-Ukraine offers solid and practical advice for living well… advice that happens to include putting God first in your life.

Natalia Chernormor, Director of The Bible Today, produces the Pro Stosoonki (Pro Relationship) podcast and blog that teaches people how to have good relationships: with their family, their friends, and their team at work. She says, “I’ve always been passionate about healthy relationships, and I believe we can’t build good relationships with each other if we don’t have a good relationship with God!”

Meanwhile, Andrey Chernomor posts daily images with Scripture on Instagram. He also creates short video messages on a variety of topics for social media. “But whatever the topic,” he laughs, “every video tells them that Jesus is the answer!”

Many people who describe themselves as atheists come to The Bible Today’s social media sites after seeing or hearing a post, video or podcast shared by a friend. Some come because they’re curious and they are intrigued enough with the content to keep following. Others come because they have a serious problem they haven’t been able to resolve on their own. Like Nastya, a 24-year-old woman who saw an Instagram post about turning to Jesus when things go wrong.

“How do I find Him?” Nastya asked. Her husband, a soldier in the war with Russia, had come home a troubled and violent man. Nastya and her husband eventually divorced. She and her 4-year-old son were struggling to move on with life when she connected with Andrey and shared her sad story. She lives close enough to The Bible Today studio in Zhovti Vody that they could meet in person. After learning about Jesus, Nastya began going to church. Now she plans to be baptized.

Still others come to taunt or argue. “God is not real!” they say. Or, “God is not good!” And then the comments begin to fly back and forth between those who believe in God’s goodness and those who don’t. Conversations can become heated and Natalia says they sometimes have to remind people to share freely… but with kindness. She adds, “We don’t want to push anyone away, so we interact with anyone who comments. Often, they eventually become friends.”

Wherever they hear about it, and however they get there, young people who connect with The Bible Today will hear the same message: that whatever the question, Jesus is the answer.

So many young adults leave questions, comments and prayer requests that the staff at The Bible Today-Ukraine have formed a small team of volunteers to connect with followers. Shown here with several volunteers: Andrey (front, left), Natalia (2nd from right), and sound technician Nikolai Chernomor (centre back).