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The Invisible Ministry of Nikolai Chernomor

30 years ago, in Zhovti Vody, Ukraine, Nikolai Chernomor was given a prophetic word: “Your ministry will be invisible, but it will affect many people.” The prophecy seemed unlikely since Nikolai was working in a uranium mine at the time.

But then, in 1995, Nikolai had the opportunity to record Alexander Morozov’s new radio program for Square One (then M.B. Communications) in a venture that became known as “The Bible Today-Ukraine”.

The recent collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s meant that the people of Ukraine were living with high rates of crime, divorce and instability. Local entrepreneur Oleg Sulima was building a small system of local radio stations. He wasn’t a believer, but he welcomed the new program. “Whatever will pull people from their despair and return hope to their lives,” he said. With such an opportunity for air time, The Bible Today-Ukraine soon started a second radio program, “The Pages of the Bible”, with Nikolai’s wife, Natalia Chernomor, as the speaker.

At first, Nikolai recorded the programs in his home, using two tape recorders. He had to do it at night when the children were sleeping and the house was quiet. In 1997, Nikolai, Natalia and Alexander began travelling to a sister ministry in Moscow that had their own studio. The trip was over 1,000 km each way.

In December of 1999, the new studio of The Bible Today-Ukraine was officially registered in Zhovti Vody. Nikolai had a hand in building the studio and it continues to be his joy to work there: recording, editing, and resolving technical issues.

Today, looking back at a prophecy that seemed incomprehensible at the time, it turns out that it came true after all. Nikolai is the silence behind the mic but without him, none of the programs would have been heard. His ministry has been invisible. And it has affected many people.